Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while, it’s been busy! I’ve been busy doing Interdisciplinary Units (IDUs) for school, basically a series of themed projects. This year, our theme is outbreak. That means outbreaks of colds and flu to outbreaks leading to the apocalypse. It has been awesome to do these.

For our first project, we had some options to choose from. I decided to do a slide presentation on Marburg. Basically, it’s almost the twin of Ebola, but a bit less deadly. 

For our next project we made up a story about an outbreak of any virus–one that either exists, doesn’t exist, or is yet to be discovered. My story was about a tuberculosis-mimicking disease that also turns people’s veins black and their skin translucent. The scientist who tries to fix the outbreak forgets to try to save herself, so she ends up dying. It’s set up as a series of journal entries over the course of a year from the perspective of the young scientist. I had a lot of fun with this one.

Next up was a prevention brochure of any disease. My disease? Senioritis! Thought my teacher would get a kick out of that one, so I gave various information on this sluggish disease. Other people have done research and projects on senioritis, and most say it is a psychological condition; however, it still qualified as an outbreak since it affects a large number of people. Here’s my brochure (click on picture to see larger version)…

Senioritis Brochure-frontSenioritis Brochure-inside

As our fourth project, we had to do research and math on a particular disease in a particular state. I got to research the poliovirus in Alaska. There was a surprising amount of math that I did that I really didn’t need to do (just like me to make things harder on myself), but it was still a fun project.

Finally, a hysterical marker (yes, it’s a play on words of “historical”). My mom helped me find a topic, and we discovered “Satanic Panic” of the 1980s. Perfect for a school project, right? The research done showed that it was about children accusing daycare centers and elementary/preschools of satanic rituals, murders, rape; everything that would give a sane person the chills. My poster for this project was no better: bloody/fiery border with candles, Satanic Panic written in a creepy-gorey font, and a few pentagrams for good measure (I swear I am a normal person), along with the information and a hand-drawn version of the book cover of Michelle Remembers, thought to be a book that was one of the causes of this hysteria outbreak.

So far, of the three years and IDU themes I have done, I think this could be the coolest theme. I’m looking forward to what they plan for incentives based around our outbreak IDU.