And last but not least…

I have officially finished the alphabet for June. It was fun, but I’ve thought of a lot of other things I could have done each day. Maybe we’ll redo some of the letter days later this summer.

On X Day, we watched “Xanadu.” It’s a weird movie, but I liked most of the songs. We would have Geocached/X-marks the spot, but it was too hot. We had gone to Michael’s to make rain sticks, but they didn’t bring the rain. They did bring some really cool clouds, though.

It looks like rain but it isn’t. 🙁

On Y Day, I did Yarn art. We had Yellow food (scrambled eggs with cheese) and made a Yogurt creation with strawberries and pineapple. It was delicious!

Me on the Zoo Zip line

Me on the Zoo Zip line!

On Z Day, we went to the Zoo and I Zoomed on the Zip line that they have there. We, of course, saw the Zebras. We also saw the lion feeding. They really Zeroed in on the meat!!!

Lion feeding at the Zoo

The raw meat looked like brains and hearts to me.