Autumn Fun


Do you see me?

Autumn can be a lot of fun. One of my favorite things is raking up a huge pile of leaves and jumping into it. Yes, after a while it gets old, but it’s still a lot of fun. There are other things to do, too, especially with the leaves!

Some leaf projects are:

  • Making leaf bowls! They are so cool. You just can’t be to hard on them or wash them. But they are cool decorations.
  • Leaf rubbings! Cool and fun pieces, all you need is some materials you should have around the house (and outside). Really easy for little kids.
  • Leaf prints! Fun to do, especially if you like to make art with paint.
    Here are some leaf prints my mom and I made when I was littler:LeafPrint1LeafPrint2

I also enjoy looking the at the colors of the leaves when their still on the tree. Some family road-trip stuff is:


Do you know…

Q: What makes the leaves change colors, and are leaves that change colors lazy leaves? Look for the answer at this website:

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