Autumn: The Return of Many Things

Now that it’s September, we are in meteorological autumn!!! While the solstice isn’t too far away, I’m glad that we are technically in autumn now.

Autumn arriving means a few things. For starters, school is back in session (yay?). So begins a new year of slight chaos with some fun thrown in. It also means that the trees are going to start turning brilliant hues across the nation. While this means the rakes will have to come out fairly soon, it also means gigantic leaf piles for people to jump in (not exclusive to kids–adults can have fun too!)

Another thing that autumn marks the nearing of? HALLOWEEN! Yes, my favorite time of the year. Allergies might be kicking in a bit, but Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. Mainly, this is because of the pumpkins and other fall festivities that revolve around Halloween. I especially enjoy going  to Halloween shops and looking at what all they have. Halloween is a time to be different, which is another thing I like about it.

Autumn has a lot of different things going on. People can go apple picking or hunt for pumpkins. Corn mazes (or as a friend told me, maize mazes) start to pop-up. A lot of places have different types of fall-themed foods and drinks for the season. Sometimes it’s interesting to try to make those things on your own. One time, we attempted to make pumpkin coffee. It didn’t turn out all that well, but it was still fun to attempt to make. There are also pumpkin cookies that can be pretty good.

Even if you don’t enjoy all of autumn, there’s definitely something in the season you’ll find that you’ll have fun doing. Hopefully, it has been a fun meteorological autumn for everyone so far!

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