Autumn: The Return of Many Things

Now that it’s September, we are in meteorological autumn!!! While the solstice isn’t too far away, I’m glad that we are technically in autumn now.

Autumn arriving means a few things. For starters, school is back in session (yay?). So begins a new year of slight chaos with some fun thrown in. It also means that the trees are going to start turning brilliant hues across the nation. While this means the rakes will have to come out fairly soon, it also means gigantic leaf piles for people to jump in (not exclusive to kids–adults can have fun too!)

Another thing that autumn marks the nearing of? Continue reading

Bring On the Fireworks!

Happy Independence Day, everyone! I hope you all have stayed cool so far this summer. The weather has been somewhat temperamental, but it definitely feels like summer.

Either way, a lot of place have been doing fireworks. Those loud bursts of color go back all the way to 1777. They were supposedly used as a mental boost for all of the colonists. Firework displays have definitely gotten bigger since then and are set off all across the country. I love how many colors they can fit into fireworks, too. Did you know that all of their colors come from metal salts? It’s also kind of weird when you see the burst of color and then hear the boom a few seconds later. That’s the only part I don’t like about fireworks–it’s like the sync is off.

If you’re not one for fireworks, hopefully you can celebrate in other ways. You could stay cool with some patriotic popsicles. I plan on making some, at least at some point this summer. Regardless of how you end up celebrating, stay safe and have fun!

Many Things Stuffed into One Blog Post

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Time to don the green apparel! There’s so much in St. Patrick’s Day that I love. First off, it’s not a romantic-based holiday. Next, it’s Irish, and the Irish are pretty cool. Then there’s the whole shamrock and four-leaf clover stuff. Clovers, shamrocks and those types of plants are just really cool. I like the stories of good luck that accompany them, as well. For some fast facts, click here.

Also happy belated Daylight Savings Time! I hope you’re all caught up on that hour of sleep you missed. I don’t like the fact that we have to spring ahead and fall back an hour. It just keeps it darker when people need to get to work or to school in the spring and summer.

This past weekend, we saw a few movies. The first one we saw was The Greatest Showman, which is about the life of P.T. Barnum as told in the form of a musical. It was amazing. The songs and dancing were absolutely fantastic. The other movie we saw was The Shape of Water. While I liked the story line, there were definitely some scenes I could have done without. I don’t think some of the rated-R content was necessary to tell the story. I’d be fine seeing the edited-for-TV version of the film.

Speaking of theaters and performances, my school is working to put on the production of Shrek the Musical. I’m really looking forward to being in it, even though I don’t have a very large part. We actually have a lot of people helping out in the production. Musicals always need a lot (50+) of people in order to be performed. That’s not only the cast, but the running crew that changes scenes, the people working curtains, the crew working lights and sounds, and the orchestra or band. And it takes a lot of rehearsal, including special times for choreography and vocal work. We’re at the school almost every day for some kind of rehearsal.

That’s my March so far. The next holiday is Easter–one of my mom’s favorite holidays–and the spring equinox will be here soon (March 20). So I’ll hopefully have time to write another post this month, Otherwise, Happy Spring Holiday Season!

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year, everybody! I don’t quite understand the fascination with a new year. For me, it really only means I have to remember to write 2018 instead of 2017. The big changes in a year don’t come for me until the school year ends and starts up again (then there’s Chinese New Year, but that would be a separate post). Since I don’t pay taxes yet, it really doesn’t affect me there. Still, I know it’s a good excuse for a party and a lot of people watch the ball (or giant pickle) drop down to ring in the New Year.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, either. We have to make goals for school in September, so why do them twice in a year? I’m on track with those, so 2017 has been a fairly good year. I got to so several new things and made new friends.

Speaking of new, this New Year means a new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker! I’m excited for her first season, I can’t wait!

However you celebrate, hope you have a safe and happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m very thankful for the diversity of the world, which celebrates a lot more holidays than one might think. After October 31st, there are at least 29 major holidays celebrated by the world’s religions. While some people celebrate Christmas, other people celebrate Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, or none of these at all. It’s important for people to know these types of things and to be open to the idea that there are more holidays than just Christmas.

Besides the religious holidays, there are holidays all the time after October 31st. One includes Festivus, a holiday on December 23rd for people who don’t celebrate mainstream holidays. There was also World Kindness Day, celebrated on November 13th. It should be celebrated more than it is to remind people to not be jerks to one and other. National Chocolate Day and National Egg Nog Day are on December 24th, while National Chocolate Covered Anything Day is on the 16th. There is also Humbug Day on the 21st of December. There are many more, no matter what month it is.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a not too bitter winter! 😛


Happy (somewhat belated) Halloween! I hope everyone had a safe but spooky Halloween. There are a lot of good things that come with Halloween. There are the ghost stories, the movies, the costumes, the pumpkins, and the cats, all of which I love.

First, did you know that part of the reason black cats are considered unlucky dates back to the Middle Ages–specifically back to the Black Plague? People don’t quite understand why the cats were first associated with the Devil, but people killed many black cats during the plague. That actually made it worse since the cats had been keeping down the rodent population that spread the plague. Another part of the reason came from the hysteria outbreak about witchcraft. People assumed that “witches” took in (typically black) alley cats to be their companions. People spread rumors and wouldn’t let go of historical beliefs, thus strengthening the idea that black cats were unlucky. I don’t think these felines are unlucky. I have a lot of black cats friends at the animal shelter I volunteer at. I hope to befriend all of the black cats at some point since they’re all really sweet.

Did you also know that the original jack-o-lanterns were carved from potatoes, turnips, and beets? The Irish legend of the jack-o-lantern can be read at the above link, but basically a man named Jack tricked the Devil into not taking his soul and then died. God wouldn’t take Jack and the Devil couldn’t take him, so Jack’s soul wanders the earth with a burning coal in a carved-out turnip. Many people began to carve scary faces into other gourds and root vegetables to scare away this wanderer.

There are too many movies, stories, and costumes to list here, so which ones are your favorites?


Hello! It’s October, one of the best times of the year! It’s getting cooler, the leaves are changing, AND Halloween is this month! I’m soooooooooooooooooooooo excited!

Since it is October, I dedicated a math project on conditional statements to the month. It goes as follows:

If it is October, then you buy a pumpkin. If you buy a pumpkin, then you make a jack-o-lantern. If you make a jack-o-lantern, then it is close to Halloween. If it is close to Halloween, then you buy lots and lots of candy and chocolate. If you buy lots and lots of candy and chocolate, then you will want to eat it. If you want to eat all of the candy and chocolate, then you will eat all of it. If you eat all of the candy and chocolate, then you will have nothing to give the trick-or-treaters (besides the fact you would more than likely go into a diabetic coma). If you have nothing to give the trick-or-treaters, then your house will get TP’ed. if your house gets TP’ed, then you will become the laughing stock of the whole neighborhood. If you are the laughing stock of the whole neighborhood, then you will never leave your house. If you never leave your house, then you will become very lonely. If you become very lonely, then you will buy lots of cats. if you buy lots of cats, many of them will be black cats. If you have a lot of black cats, then you will be reminded of superstitions. If you’re reminded of superstitions, then you might see some superstitious figures. If you see superstitious figures, then it is October.

The whole reason we wrote these projects was to practice conditional statements, but it was also inspired by the whole If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series by Laura Numeroff. I thought it was a lot of fun to do since it could be based on anything.

Besides the If-then story, we went to go get pumpkins this past weekend! Instead of the classic orange pumpkins, we got a white pumpkin and a green-silver pumpkin. They’re really cool, and I love them even though they are just pumpkins. I don’t know if we’re going to carve them or not, since we could just draw spooky faces on to the pumpkins. I can’t wait to do even more decorating for Halloween! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

A Muddle Of Things

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you all stayed safe on this unofficial end to summer. By this point, a lot of kids are back at school. I started high school just over a week ago. It’s awesome, although all my friends would beg to differ. I really like my physics teacher. He’s a lot like my middle school science teacher: wacky, nerdy, and fun–all good things. Some of my classes have content that will work together, so I think my grades will benefit from alternate explanations of things I don’t understand. I’m really looking forward to engineering. We’re going to get to design stuff and possibly even build things. Most of my teachers have explained things fairly well when they are teaching, so I’m thinking this is going to be a good year.

Not only does Labor Day mark the start of school, it also marks the start of Halloween decorating in my household! Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. The colors, the atmosphere, the overall history; it’s all really cool. My favorite part is getting to go to Halloween stores and gawk at all the stuff, then get inspired for a bazillion different costumes I could make. I don’t even want to do the costumes for trick-or-treating anymore; the costume making and wearing is fun enough. I get really giddy around this time of year because it’s time to get spooky!

Reasons to Like Geometry

This sounds like an out-of place post, but I’ve been taking a summer course for geometry to help prepare for high school. There are actually a lot of reasons I like it:

  • So many great puns and jokes come out of geometry, such as “if you’re cold, go stand in the corner, it’s 90 degrees,” and “parallel lines have so much in common, it’s a shame they’ll never meet.”
  • Squares fit into about six different categories in the shape world. They also have the easiest perimeter and area to find.
  • I didn’t realize this before, but angles can be over 360 degrees. Drawing them can be a bit difficult, though.
  • There are a lot of simple references to geometry in real life. Any time I see a triangle, I think of how one side can’t be longer or equal to the sum of the other two sides, or shorter than the difference of the other two sides.

Now, there are downsides–one I am quite vociferous about:

  • CIRCLES ARE SO WEIRD. They have so many different parts, such as circumference (there are a lot of puns about this, too), area, diameter, and radius. There are also arcs, radii, and many nonsensical things.
  • Circles are the only downside I can think of.

Besides the circle aspect, I really enjoy geometry. I’m hoping that in the actual class we will get more into proofs and such because those are very helpful. I’m really looking forward to it.


Since we missed all of the tomato holidays for a while, we decided to have our own Tomato Weekend. There was a lot of food involved, of course. We decided to make stuffed bell peppers that had a very tomato-y rice creation inside. While I didn’t help too much with that, I gladly helped devour some chili that was made the next day. I’m not a very big tomato fan to begin with, so when we attempted fried red tomatoes I was beyond concerned. I don’t think I have ever made a face about food like what I did when I tried one. To make up for the bizarre tomatoes, we made tomato soup cake. It’s more of a spice cake than anything else and the tomato soup is basically to serve as the cake’s liquid. It was very good and made me a little bit less reluctant to try other tomatoes.

We had to get our tomatoes somehow, so we went up to Kenosha to a farmer’s market. There was a lot of stuff there. Besides getting our tomatoes, I talked my parents into getting me lemonade and they got breakfast egg rolls (which I didn’t know there was such a thing). AND because it was our tomato weekend, we had to watch Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. It’s definitely… weird. It’s better that I watched it now instead of when I was little so I understood more of the pop culture stuff. My favorite part was in the library and the guy just says “Tomato.” It never fails to make me laugh.