Easter Weekend/Spring Break

bird at Prairie Wolf This weekend was sort of my spring break, only kind of windy and egg-y. I say egg-y because it was Easter, and eggs were our theme for the weekend. We went for a walk at the preserve that was right next to the little store and restaurant area, where we ended up eating. There was this one bird that was at the beginning of the trail and at the end of it, too. I don’t know if it had any eggs, but it loved having its photo taken.

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St. Patrick’s Day (My Favorite Day of the Year)!


Here’s the front cover my Tour Ireland in the Middle Ages brochure.

St. Patrick’s Day is not only when you wear green and orange or leprechauns are about, but you get to celebrate the Saint of Ireland, Patrick. I had another I.D.U. project that was about making a tour brochure for medieval people of medieval Europe. I chose to do mine on Ireland’s medieval heritage, and I learned several facts: Continue reading

Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March first is Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day. This is one of my favorite holidays because I LOVE peanut butter! So, we made a lot of peanut butter-y food! My mom did Nutella on her foods instead of peanut butter because she can’t stand peanuts/peanut butter and may have an intolerance.

For breakfast, we did pocket pies. We [somewhat] followed a recipe from Woman’s Day Magazine. We cut rounds out of store-bought pie crust dough and spread the peanut butter/Nutella over some fruit. Continue reading

Presidents’ Day: About More Than Two

Presidents’ Day is usually thought of as celebrating Pres. George Washington and Pres. Abraham Lincoln because their birthdays are in February. But, we all know there are many more presidents than that! I have some fun facts for you about some of the presidents.

Did you know…

  • James A. Garfield was ambidextrous and could write a sentence in Greek and Latin, one sentence per hand.
  • Chester A. Arthur owned over 80 pairs of pants.
  • Benjamin Harrison was afraid of electricity and he refused to touch the light switches.
  • Barack Obama collects comic books.
  • Dwight Eisenhower almost had his leg amputated, but he liked sports so much that he made a miraculous recovery.

And there are even more! I just haven’t written them all down. Also, did you know that Presidents’ Day is actually supposed to be the celebration of Washington’s Birthday? But I think it’s better to celebrate all of them!




Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!

The 20th of January was National Cheese Lovers Day (some of my friends will really like that day) and we’ve been making cheese. Our first attempt at mozzarella wasn’t all that great. We ended up making “Mozzicota,” mozzarella that turned into ricotta. It was yummy, but not the right texture. Our second attempt was a lot better. It was stretchy (which was really fun to stretch the cheese), shiny, perfect mozzarella. The taste wasn’t quite salty enough, but it’s our best texture yet. It is kind of hard to create cheese; you have to heat the milk to a certain degree and mix it just enough, but not too much or it’ll turn out wrong. Eh, as long as we don’t create “Rizella” next time, I’ll be fine.

Cheese making P1030549

New Year’s Resolutions (Sort Of)

New Year’s resolutions: something lots of people do, but don’t always follow. They try to make goals that they’ll achieve, but often forget. I’m writing mine here, partially so I don’t forget, but also ’cause they’re weird. My goal is to celebrate at least two holidays a month, maybe more :).

In January: I will celebrate (28th) “National Kazoo Day” (my favorite instrument) and (16th) “National Nothing Day.”

In February: I’ll celebrate (14th) Valentine’s Day and (13th) “Get a Different Name Day,” although for me it would be “Go By a Different Name Day”–my middle name, Lyric.

 In March: I will celebrate (1st) “Peanut Butter Lover’s Day” and (20th) “Extraterrestrial Abductions Day.” I’m not sure how I’ll celebrate the 20th yet.

In April: I’ll celebrate (1st) April Fool’s and (22nd) “National Jelly Bean Day.” Hopefully I can eat them. Otherwise I’ll celebrate “National Librarians Day” on the 16th.

In May: I might celebrate (4th) “Star Wars Day,” a.k.a, “May the Fourth Be With You Day” and (13th) “Leprechaun Day.”

In June: I’ll celebrate (4th) “Hug Your Cat Day,” which I actually do everyday. Unfortunately, my parents won’t let me celebrate “Adopt a Cat Month.” And I’ll celebrate (8th) “Best Friends Day.”

In July: I will celebrate (1st) “Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day” by making ice cream and (24th) “Amelia Earhart Day.” I actually have an Amelia Earhart doll.

In August: I’ll celebrate (10th) “National S’mores Day” and (26th) “Women’s Equality Day” (which I think should be made “International Women’s Equality Day”).

In September: I will celebrate (12th) “Chocolate Milk Shake Day” and (28th) “Ask a Stupid Question Day,” which my teachers won’t like.

In October: I’ll celebrate (9th) “Leif Erikson Day,” featured in a SpongeBob episode, and (31st) “Increase Your Psychic Powers Day,” which is funny since it’s on Halloween.

In November: I will celebrate (27th) “Buy Nothing Day,” which is on Black Friday, something hardly anyone abides by. I’ll also celebrate (2nd) “Look For Circles Day.”

In December: I’ll celebrate (24th) “National Chocolate Day” and (3rd) “National Roof Over Your Head Day.”

Whether or not you want to celebrate any holidays or not, these are some of the hundreds of holidays out there. For more, go to Holiday Insights (P.S. Don’t look at the 17th of January!!!). Another site with daily holiday listings is punchbowl.com.

Happy Little Holidays

Happy Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year’s and many more! No, really, there are TONS of holidays in December; some better known than others. There’s Pepper Pot Day, Make Your Own Cut-Out Snowflakes Day, National Fruitcake Day (how strange), Poinsettia Day, and who knows what else!  Of course, there are the well known holidays, but I’m not going to talk about those yet. It’s time for the little guys now!

Unlucky Day (12/31):
The last day of the year is always Unlucky Day. It’s when you get the bad stuff out of the way to start off the year well. Although, it probably won’t be that unlucky, it’s thought of like that because some people get unlucky that day.

National Egg Nog Day (12/24):
Celebrated on Christmas Eve, National Egg Nog Day commemorates a traditional seasonal drink. Nobody really knows who created it, but its timing is perfect; egg nog consumption is at its highest on Christmas Eve!

Humbug Day (12/21):
Humbug Day was created for people to vent their holiday frustration. Although people have to try not to become actual Scrooges.

Card Playing Day (12/28):
On Card Playing Day, you can play any card game in the world. It just has to be a card game. I’m planning on playing rummy and maybe kings corners.

National Fruitcake Day (12/27):
Fruitcake: the least wanted brick of cake around the holidays. I’ve never had any, but I have heard that it is really dense and super sweet. Strangely, there is a holiday all about fruitcake. Weird, right?

There are many other holidays, but you can find them all at holidayinsights.com. I hope you all have terrific holidays and have a great start to the new year!





Sorry about not posting for so long, but it’s been a hectic month. At least I have some fun-facts about Thanksgiving for you:

  • Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird? You probably did, but did you know that domestic turkeys are slower than wild turkeys. They also have worse eyesight, worse hearing, and can’t fly, unlike their wild family? Evidently domestic turkeys only fly when they’re little and immature. Usually, turkeys are more aggressive as they age. That is so hard to believe from cute little baby “poults” (a.k.a. “turkeylings”)!
  • Native Americans used those bitter cranberries for medical purposes as well as food for the first Thanksgiving. They also used it to dye cloth. They must’ve known how well those berries stain 🙂 !
  • Although I don’t dance, this is one I’d love to watch: the turkey trot! It was inspired by the turkeys’ strange, jerky walk. It was famous in the early 1900’s, but became history around 1914 to the fox trot.

Thanksgiving isn’t just for stuffing yourself with stuffing and turkey, either. It’s about being with family, friends, and telling what you’re thankful for. What am I thankful for? Well:

  • My family, including our cat, Zip
  • My friends at my middle school (yes, I’m out of elementary)
  • My friends outside of school (other schools and in drama)
  • My home
  • Being able to help at a cat shelter every now-&-then
  • And tons more, including the internet

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Happy holidays until next time!


This Post Was Brought to You by the Letter F

Fudge brownie sundae, fondue, frankfurters and more are just some of the things we focused on this weekend.

IMG_20140524_165651You see, we pulled a letter out of this box, which was “F”. We decided to make it the main focus of our weekend. Our first stop was filling up on frankfurters and fresh-cut fries at a local diner. It was fantastic! We headed south on 43, then found a geocache in the foliage of a forest. We had fizzy fruit-flavored drinks. Later, I had a Frappucino ™ and a fudge brownie. It was fabulous! After a while further down 43, we had a frozen treat of a fudge brownie sundae. We got to see the exterior of a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

foldedflyingfigureOn Sunday, we shopped for (then planted) flowers, visited family, and had fajitas and fondue. We had a lot of food over these days. We also did some fairy feather fashions. Plus, I made and shared a fairytale, folded a flying figure and shared my freaky report on Egyptian mummies. And of course, I played with my furry feline friend.

On Monday, we celebrated Memorial Day with fanfare and passed out flyers in a parade. We finished leftovers from fajitas and the fondue. We also found another geocache in the foliage in a cemetery. I don’t really like cemeteries; they freak me out. Then we finished by watching Frozen (me, for the fifth time).

We made our very own fairy feather crown with floral wire and floral tape.

We made our very own fairy feather crown with floral wire and floral tape.