Having an “H” of Time with Food

We watch two cooking challenge shows: Chopped and Guy’s Grocery Games. In Chopped, contestants have to make an appetizer, entree and dessert using bizarre ingredients from mystery baskets. Guy’s Grocery Games has different events that limit the competitors, one being “ABC” where the competitors can only use food items that start with a certain letter. They can also use basic ingredients found in their pantry, like flour, salt, sugar, milk, etc. We decided to mash-up the two shows by doing an appetizer, entree and dessert using just one letter. We drew the letter “H.”

WP_20150823_11_33_19_Pro[1]We did our appetizer for lunch and made sliders. We hard-boiled eggs and used the yolks to make a spread by mixing in hummus and herb blends. It was delicious! We divided some hamburger patties and put them on Hawaiian sweet rolls to form mini burger sliders with our yummy egg mix on top. It could’ve used some crunch, but it still was really good.

WP_20150823_17_04_17_Pro[1]For dinner, we made a hamburger and hash brown casserole with Havarti cheese on top. We seasoned the meat with some more herb blends, and I made a gravy using flour and milk from our pantry. We used our slow cooker thingy to cook it, and the hash browns were crispy for once!

WP_20150823_17_35_27_Pro[1]We had honey and hot cocoa mix to make a dessert with, so we created a chocolaty microwave honey cake, partially following a recipe (everything else we made was done from scratch). We put in estimates of raw and mesquite honey and hot chocolate mix. It was more of a chocolate honey sponge cake, but it was still REALLY good with a little bit of milk poured over it (my parents substituted ice cream in for the milk–which was kind of cheating). Overall, I think it was a successful “H” centered food day. I’m very glad we didn’t draw an “X.”

Our Alphabet Weekend

Capannari Ice CreamWe had a very eventful Memorial Day Weekend. On Sunday, we met my Grandma Debbie and her husband, Neal, at Barnaby’s, which is a pizza place. Then we went to Capannari Ice Cream, where I had Chocolate Malt Ice Cream. It was really good. Since we had a B and a C, we decided to continue the alphabet (for “A,” we figured we awoke).

Dam No. 1 Woods

gosslingsFor D, we went to Dam No.1 Woods, the west part. Then we went to the east side of the forest preserve to look at the goslings. Then we went to Half-Price Books, a store where I got another Doctor Who Encyclopedia. Then we did iced drinks. I had iced coffee that was AWESOME! We kind of cheated and didn’t really do anything for J, K, and L since our names start with those letters (Jerry, Kendyl, Lisa). After that we watched Sherlock Holmes, a mystery movie. For “n,” we said, “‘Night.”

On Monday morning, we ate chocolaty oatmeal. We walked in the Memorial Day Parade. We ate quesadillas while it rained (it rained on the parade, too). We made ice cream-y sodas. My parents tormented me by playing Tiptoe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim with a ukulele. The reason it tormented me was that kids at school sing it NONSTOP and in a very high Mickey Mouse voice. It gets very annoying, being that they only know half of a verse, and they repeat that part over and over.

Capannari Ice Cream

We looked around at Victorian houses in Waukegan. Then we did xylopyrography, which means wood burning. I made a project for my boyfriend, Louis. Then, we played Yahtzee, where I surprisingly won with 3 Yahtzees. I had never played it before, so it must have been beginner’s luck. Finally, we went to bed to catch some Z‘s.

And last but not least…

I have officially finished the alphabet for June. It was fun, but I’ve thought of a lot of other things I could have done each day. Maybe we’ll redo some of the letter days later this summer.

On X Day, we watched “Xanadu.” It’s a weird movie, but I liked most of the songs. We would have Geocached/X-marks the spot, but it was too hot. We had gone to Michael’s to make rain sticks, but they didn’t bring the rain. They did bring some really cool clouds, though.

It looks like rain but it isn’t. 🙁

On Y Day, I did Yarn art. We had Yellow food (scrambled eggs with cheese) and made a Yogurt creation with strawberries and pineapple. It was delicious!

Me on the Zoo Zip line

Me on the Zoo Zip line!

On Z Day, we went to the Zoo and I Zoomed on the Zip line that they have there. We, of course, saw the Zebras. We also saw the lion feeding. They really Zeroed in on the meat!!!

Lion feeding at the Zoo

The raw meat looked like brains and hearts to me.

Veggies and Water

On V Day, we had Vegetarian meals. Since we had done so much for S,T and U, we sort of Vegged out.

On W Day, I got Wet in our sprinkler because it was sooooooooooo Warm. I also made this cool Wave picture:

Wave Jumping picture

Wave jumping mermaids

We Went to my grandma’s because it was her birthday. We Watched “Gremlins” there, too. Very funny movie.  Gizmo is the main character. He’s a Mogwai. He got Wet and multiplied. Then, all of the Mogwai but Gizmo turned into evil gremlins by eating after midnight. Gizmo saves the day by ending the chaos. Mogwai are furry and cute, but:

  1. Never get wet.
  2. Don’t expose to light, they hate it(especially sunlight, kills them).
  3. Never, ever, EVER, feed after midnight. They turn into evil gremlins! No matter how much they beg, check your clock, then check after 5 minutes. If hands do not move, do not feed gremlin(s).

But if gremlins are real, they might be the monster under your bed or in your closet.

Dear STU,

We didn’t get to do a lot with the letters lately because we had a lot of other plans. We did do some stuff though. On Saturday, we did  S Day. We celebrated Scotland by having Scones and seeing Brave. It is a Stupendous movie! I also Spent time with on of my BFFs at her birthday party.

On Sunday we did T Day. We Tidied my new room up. I gave a list of 10 (Ten) Thank you’s to my mom because she’s the best mom ever. Then I Traveled to my grandma & grandpa’s house to spend Time there.

Today was U day. We went to Six Flags. We went Up on SkyTrek Tower. I had an Uplifting experience on another ride. Then I had the Ultimate Unique Uplifting Undulating experience in the Wave Pool in the water park. I had an Unforeseen and Unfortunate event (and it Upset me), but we can Undo it!

Fun Fact: Did you notice, S, T, & U put together sound like “stew”? It could be short for Stuart.

Words that describe these days:

R&R (Rest and Relaxation) Day

Yesterday was R day. I Rotated in our spinny chair. We ate doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. Yesterday was the anniversary of when Doughnuts were invented in 1847. My mom did a guessing game with me to fit doughnuts into R. I figured they were Round. I Raced our cat, Zip, with our toy Remote control Race car from 30 years ago.

I also pretended to be a flying squirrel. This has nothing to do with R but it’s a LOT of fun.

To be a flying squirrel, you need:

  • a blanket
  • 4 ponytail holders
  • A fan

Tie the blanket corners to the ponytail holders. Put the rubber bands on your wrists and ankles. Turn on the fan and stand in front of it. Your wings go out and you look like a flying squirrel!

Joke of the day: What is a pirate’s favorite word?
R (argh)!

What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?
You’d think it’d be R, but it’s really the C (as in the seven seas)!

Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Yesterday was P Day. I Painted and Played Pixiehollow.com. ( I didn’t say to never play video games.) I had a Peanut butter sandwich for lunch. For dinner, I ate Peas, Pasta, and Poultry. We  also made a Perfect Pudding from scratch. It was SOOOOOO good!!!!!  Then we watched “Beetlejuice” for a Paranormal Parody.

Today was Q day. The morning was Quiet. We had a Quick lunch at a fast food place. Then, we went to Michael’s for another craft and Bass Pro Shop for another seminar. I did ask and answer Questions at both of those. I also did a Quarter Quest to try to get more state quarters. I have 40 of the 50 states now! Connecticut is my favorite.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of a favorite breakfast treat. Doughnuts were created on June 22, 1847. I have to figure out how to work that into R day.

Here’s a joke: Which side of the Pudding is the left side?

The side that’s not eaten!

Outstanding O’s

Yesterday was O Day. We had Cheerios for breakfast and Spaghetti-O’s for dinner. We had to Organize school stuff and our rooms. Meep. I Observed what happened to my rosemary and mint tea.  We went to Michael’s and I made an O-shaped stingray. Then we went to Bass Pro Shops and learned about Outdoor animals and camping. I think we may have watched “Perry Mason” Object to some things, too. In the evening, we went to the beach and saw an Outdoor concert by a band that my grandma plays flute in. The band reminded me of the Opera band. It was a fun and Outstanding day!


  • 6 leaves fresh rosemary
  • 1 fresh spearmint leaf
  • a mug ¾ of the way full of  hot water
  • a tea infuser(looks like a teapot with holes)
  • an 8th of a tsp honey(maybe less)

Did you Know: Spearmint leaves smell like spearmint gum?

So Many M’s, So Few Minutes

Yesterday was Father’s Day and M Day.   I Made “MMMM good” chocolate oatmeal for my dad. Then we spent Many Minutes Managing My Money (that’s 5 points in one phrase) by putting my state quarters in a special display book. We also Made a Mechanical Marvel rubber band race car for my Grandpa. I also went to my first drive-in Movie. We saw 2 features: “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” & “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Both were really good. We stayed up past Midnight and up to 2:00 a.m.

Since we’ve done so Much the past few days, and since today was N day, we did almost Nothing. We did have Nachos, though.

Today’s Riddle*: What happens once in a minute, twice in a moment but never in two thousand years?
The letter M.

*I found this one on Stop and Think Kids Jokes.

“Life is a highway…”

Lincoln Highway SignYesterday was fun! We drove on the Illinois part of the Lincoln Highway.There was Lots to Look at and Learn.  We went to a working windmill and that windmill’s center/gift shop in Fulton. Windmills even have their own Language. If the propellers are put a certain way, it gives a certain message.

Heritage Canyon School House

Heritage Canyon reminded my mom of "Little House on the Prairie"

We Lounged in a bench swing by the Mississippi River. Then, we went to the “Heritage Canyon” in Fulton and learned how things were like in the 1860’s. We had Lunch at a meat market where they were grilling outside!

We saw the only known statue of President Lincoln in military dress in Dixon. We went to a watermill and Learned about how you could change revolutions the water wheel by using different size gears. Then we went to this shop called Dairy Delight. I had a Heath Flurry and my parents had a malt.  We stopped at a gazebo in Malta and Learned about the  1ST seedling mile made. It showed the nation what Long Lasting roads can do for us.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that the Lincoln Highway was America’s first coast-to-coast highway? It’s older than Route 66!