Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!

The 20th of January was National Cheese Lovers Day (some of my friends will really like that day) and we’ve been making cheese. Our first attempt at mozzarella wasn’t all that great. We ended up making “Mozzicota,” mozzarella that turned into ricotta. It was yummy, but not the right texture. Our second attempt was a lot better. It was stretchy (which was really fun to stretch the cheese), shiny, perfect mozzarella. The taste wasn’t quite salty enough, but it’s our best texture yet. It is kind of hard to create cheese; you have to heat the milk to a certain degree and mix it just enough, but not too much or it’ll turn out wrong. Eh, as long as we don’t create “Rizella” next time, I’ll be fine.

Cheese making P1030549