At my school, we have these projects called IDUs (InterDisciplinary Untis) that we have to do in order to get to the next level (of awesomeness!). They always have a theme, and this year’s theme is Chicago.

In my first period, Science, we had to do a project on a song. But not just any song: it had to be by a band with either historical ties to Chicago (i.e. they got famous there) or they were from Chicago (i.e. the band formed somewhere in Chicago). I chose the song, “Lake Shore Drive” by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah. Besides the band being big in Chicago, I could use the song because it helped make them famous and it was about a road they often traveled in Chicago. I had to research the song, analyze it and write a report on it in Claim-Evidence-Reasoning format, and then either sing it or make a fake 45 or 78 rpm record of it. I both sang it and made a fake 45. The song is on my mom’s YouTube channel, but I really don’t want to share it. 🙂

In my second period, Social Studies, we had to do a poster on one of the neighborhoods in Chicago. There are over 200 neighborhoods to choose from, so I made my work simple: select 5 of the neighborhoods with odd names, then choose one as first pick and go down the list from there. The only neighborhood I recognized was Gold Coast, and that was because it was mentioned in “Lake Shore Drive.” I did get my first pick, which was Ravenswood. Evidently, Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago mayor, lives there. Abbott Labs was started in a Ravenswood mansion (that is now painted a lavendar-pink, which looks a tad bit gross to me), and Carl Sandburg lived there for a bit. He also wrote Chicago while he was in Ravenswood (well, some people disagree, but I’m leaving it at that). Ravenswood was pretty interesting.

My next project was in fourth period, Communications. We had to do either a model of a Chicago building or a brochure. I chose to do a brochure that had 5 structures of Chicago that tourists should see. I called it “Wavy Wonders of Chicago,” and it showed the different wavy structures inspired by Lake Michigan. I found some interesting facts about the structures, and I found some pretty weird structures, too!

Here's the inside of my brochure. Thank you to the people who posted the pictures.

Here’s the inside of my brochure. Thank you to the people who posted the pictures.

I have two more projects to go, but so far the projects have been fun. My next one involves PowerPoint and theatre jobs–two things I really like.