Chocolate Funnel Cakes!

July 16th was National Funnel Cake Day, at least according to Six Flags, so we made regular funnel cakes to celebrate.

This weekend we decided to make them again, but this time we made chocolate funnel cakes!


Before the toppings, it looks like chocolate intestines because of the way the batter spreads out as it hits the oil.


I tried to make the Triforce from Legend of Zelda with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, but it doesn’t look like it a lot XD

Using the recipe we had before, we made alterations to it to get our chocolaty outcome. We only did one cup of flour and added cocoa powder, about 2 1/2 tablespoons. Once our batter was ready and the oil was heated enough, I put the batter in using a funnel (that’s why it’s called a “funnel” cake). We plan to experiment with more flavors, like pumpkin in the fall!

History Lesson: The funnel cake dates back to medieval Arabic and Persian words. Similar dishes were served in Persia and then spread to Europe. They vary now from continent to continent, but they all are made by pouring batter into a funnel before dropping it into the oil, giving the funnel cake its name. Different types of funnels are used; at fairs they use pitchers with funnels in them, but at home you use a regular funnel and cover the hole with your finger to stop the flow of the batter.

WARNING: Have an adult and a fire extinguisher with you. Hot oil is dangerous.