Cruising Alaska, Part 2: Glaciers & Juneau

My Alaskan Forget-Me-Nots painting

My Alaskan Forget-Me-Nots painting

6/27 – Saturday: We basically just cruised for the whole day, and cruised and cruised and cruised and cruised and cruised and cruised and you get the idea. After breakfast, we went into one of the lounges and stumbled into a watercolour class. I ended up painting a picture of Alaskan Forget-Me-Nots, the state flower. Later, we went on a galley tour, which was basically a tour of one of the ship’s kitchens. They had a really cool carving in a watermelon.Then, it was time for lunch.

fruit carving

This melon must have taken hours to carve.

We also got to see the Hubbard Glacier. It was a blue colour, which seemed strange, but it was from the way light reflected off the really compacted ice. It was also cool to see the ice fall off the glacier, which is called “calving.” When you hear the ice fall, it’s too late to see it because light travels faster than sound. This means you have to stare at the glacier for a while if you hope to see calving.

The blue Hubbard Glacier

The blue Hubbard Glacier

In the X Club, we did a Joke Quest with a Go-Pro camera. It was really hard to make people laugh. Later in the day, we went on another scavenger hunt around the ship in order to find people from different states. It was surprisingly hard. Lots of people were from Florida and Georgia.


The marmots were kind of cute

The marmots were kind of cute

6/28 – Sunday: We docked in Juneau and took a tram up Mount Roberts. Then we walked around the trails, and walked and walked and walked. We saw some eagles in trees, and we even saw a couple of hoary marmots. It was cool to them. One was just a few feet from the trail.

This is their version of "No Smoking"

This is their version of “No Smoking”

We were exhausted by the time we got back to the nature centre. There was a bald eagle called Lady Baltimore by the centre. She had been in a bad accident when she was younger and was blind in one eye, so she could not be re-released into the wild. Back in the nature centre, we saw people carving a totem pole. It was cool to watch. We also started our hunt for charms for a charm bracelet of Alaska.

On the boat, we watched an acrobatic dance show performed by Yulia and Alan Reva. Yulia was an Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics. Their performance was death-defying with all of the lifts. There must be a lot of trust between those two.

The tram was really steep.

The tram ride was really steep.

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  1. Super report! I love your watercolor of the Alaskan Forget me Knots. Those are one of my favorite flowers. Right up there with roses! ‘

    Your Dad said you got to walk on the glaciers. Is there a part 3 coming up?

    Love Grandma D.

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