Dear STU,

We didn’t get to do a lot with the letters lately because we had a lot of other plans. We did do some stuff though. On Saturday, we did  S Day. We celebrated Scotland by having Scones and seeing Brave. It is a Stupendous movie! I also Spent time with on of my BFFs at her birthday party.

On Sunday we did T Day. We Tidied my new room up. I gave a list of 10 (Ten) Thank you’s to my mom because she’s the best mom ever. Then I Traveled to my grandma & grandpa’s house to spend Time there.

Today was U day. We went to Six Flags. We went Up on SkyTrek Tower. I had an Uplifting experience on another ride. Then I had the Ultimate Unique Uplifting Undulating experience in the Wave Pool in the water park. I had an Unforeseen and Unfortunate event (and it Upset me), but we can Undo it!

Fun Fact: Did you notice, S, T, & U put together sound like “stew”? It could be short for Stuart.

Words that describe these days: