Drama Days

Hola! Bonjour! Ni Hao! Dia dhaoibh! Ciao! Yiasou! Conichiwa! Sawubona! Hallo! Здраствуй! Nameste! Many others all that mean “Hello!” I am going to tell you about my drama classes. Twice a week, I have a drama/theatre class. It’s quite cool. We perform little parts of the play we’ll be performing, “The Invisible Dragon.” This week our teacher will tell us what part we get. I hope to be the stage manager who is responsible for hand props to the characters on stage. It really is part of the play, not a backstage role.

The stage manager is silent, yet the teacher says it’s the hardest part to play. If you ask me, I say it’s hard too. You have to do all these silly faces like annoyed and angry. On me, they look like a clown trying to be sad and mad all at once. No offense to clowns, but they freak some people out. There are several funny parts, like when the stage manager wants to hit the prince over the head with his “horse.”

I have an idea. If you comment in a play written by you, or possibly a poem or story, I could write it in on here. Just be sure to include your name.


  • Must be original. Exceptions are if you quote someone famous and include the name of that person.
      Example: “I have a dream…”  – Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Must have at least two complete sentences.
  • Must have your name – as my art teacher says, “No name, no fame.”

One thought on “Drama Days

  1. I have one with at least two complete sentences:

    “She knew he was a bozo. At least he was a nice bozo, the kind who forgets to do his homework and you like in an exasperated sort of way. The kind who thought of using caramel corn as currency at your fourth-grade lunch table, the kind it’s easy to forget. The one who never grows up, even through middle school. And when you pass him in the halls, you say hi and notice he’s still wearing his fifth-grade sweatshirt, traffic-cone orange, with the skateboard on the front. That bozo.”

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