Easter Weekend/Spring Break

bird at Prairie Wolf This weekend was sort of my spring break, only kind of windy and egg-y. I say egg-y because it was Easter, and eggs were our theme for the weekend. We went for a walk at the preserve that was right next to the little store and restaurant area, where we ended up eating. There was this one bird that was at the beginning of the trail and at the end of it, too. I don’t know if it had any eggs, but it loved having its photo taken.

I ended up eating a place called The Dogout. They have pretty good hot dogs. Then my parents went to the Eggspirience CafĂ©, a place with really good spicy egg burritos, so my parents say. I’m not one for too much spice. Since I had already eaten, my parents let me choose a COFFEE!!!!!!! I love coffee, and their Eggspirience Macchiato is AWESOME!!!!

We went to Deerfield in search for an Orange Leaf, but it had closed. Since we couldn’t find an Orange Leaf, we went to Culver’s, where we had an OREO and Heath Bar Mixer thing-a-ma-bob. Culver’s fits in the egg theme because frozen custard has egg yolks. It was really, really good, and it was almost like when we go to Ted Drewe’s in St. Louis, especially when I was two (REALLY big spoonfuls).

On Easter, I organized the egg hunt for my parents. They thought it was tricky, because the clues made them have to think of a few spots where the egg could be. On scale of 1-10, 10 being awesome and fun, 1 being horrible, they rated it a 9.5 (average). It went down because I hid the basket in my (only somewhat) “messy closet.”

My Easter weekend/Spring break was really fun (and yummy). I hope you had an awesome Easter, too!

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