Having an “H” of Time with Food

We watch two cooking challenge shows: Chopped and Guy’s Grocery Games. In Chopped, contestants have to make an appetizer, entree and dessert using bizarre ingredients from mystery baskets. Guy’s Grocery Games has different events that limit the competitors, one being “ABC” where the competitors can only use food items that start with a certain letter. They can also use basic ingredients found in their pantry, like flour, salt, sugar, milk, etc. We decided to mash-up the two shows by doing an appetizer, entree and dessert using just one letter. We drew the letter “H.”

WP_20150823_11_33_19_Pro[1]We did our appetizer for lunch and made sliders. We hard-boiled eggs and used the yolks to make a spread by mixing in hummus and herb blends. It was delicious! We divided some hamburger patties and put them on Hawaiian sweet rolls to form mini burger sliders with our yummy egg mix on top. It could’ve used some crunch, but it still was really good.

WP_20150823_17_04_17_Pro[1]For dinner, we made a hamburger and hash brown casserole with Havarti cheese on top. We seasoned the meat with some more herb blends, and I made a gravy using flour and milk from our pantry. We used our slow cooker thingy to cook it, and the hash browns were crispy for once!

WP_20150823_17_35_27_Pro[1]We had honey and hot cocoa mix to make a dessert with, so we created a chocolaty microwave honey cake, partially following a recipe (everything else we made was done from scratch). We put in estimates of raw and mesquite honey and hot chocolate mix. It was more of a chocolate honey sponge cake, but it was still REALLY good with a little bit of milk poured over it (my parents substituted ice cream in for the milk–which was kind of cheating). Overall, I think it was a successful “H” centered food day. I’m very glad we didn’t draw an “X.”