Hello Summer!

After a long year of balancing homework with drama and fun, it’s finally summertime!

Generally, I wouldn’t enjoy summer as much as other people. I tend to become a hermit crab over the summer since I don’t like the sun, but I set a new goal for myself. This summer, I plan to actually be social and talk to my friends in person.

My summer already sort of started, even though we are finishing up finals this week. A few friends and I participated in Destination Imagination, the world’s largest celebration of creativity. We didn’t place in the top ten, but we had a lot of fun regardless. We had to leave school for almost a week, but it was worth it. We saw performances from people from many different countries, and there were a lot of different activities we could participate in to meet other people. While I wasn’t very good at interacting with people, I enjoyed the experience and the opportunities to meet these people. There was a costume ball, and it was crazy to see the costumes some of the people had made–out of duct tape, nonetheless! There was also an international block party where I think half of the D.I. teams were (half of 1,400 teams!!!).

For the rest of summer, I get to play catch up so I can be prepared for school next year. I plan on having fun, too, but I need to refresh my French a bit. C’est la vie!

I hope you have all enjoyed your spring. Have a fun (but safe) summer season!

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