“Life is a highway…”

Lincoln Highway SignYesterday was fun! We drove on the Illinois part of the Lincoln Highway.There was Lots to Look at and Learn.  We went to a working windmill and that windmill’s center/gift shop in Fulton. Windmills even have their own Language. If the propellers are put a certain way, it gives a certain message.

Heritage Canyon School House

Heritage Canyon reminded my mom of "Little House on the Prairie"

We Lounged in a bench swing by the Mississippi River. Then, we went to the “Heritage Canyon” in Fulton and learned how things were like in the 1860’s. We had Lunch at a meat market where they were grilling outside!

We saw the only known statue of President Lincoln in military dress in Dixon. We went to a watermill and Learned about how you could change revolutions the water wheel by using different size gears. Then we went to this shop called Dairy Delight. I had a Heath Flurry and my parents had a malt.  We stopped at a gazebo in Malta and Learned about the  1ST seedling mile made. It showed the nation what Long Lasting roads can do for us.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that the Lincoln Highway was America’s first coast-to-coast highway? It’s older than Route 66!