Many Things Stuffed into One Blog Post

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Time to don the green apparel! There’s so much in St. Patrick’s Day that I love. First off, it’s not a romantic-based holiday. Next, it’s Irish, and the Irish are pretty cool. Then there’s the whole shamrock and four-leaf clover stuff. Clovers, shamrocks and those types of plants are just really cool. I like the stories of good luck that accompany them, as well. For some fast facts, click here.

Also happy belated Daylight Savings Time! I hope you’re all caught up on that hour of sleep you missed. I don’t like the fact that we have to spring ahead and fall back an hour. It just keeps it darker when people need to get to work or to school in the spring and summer.

This past weekend, we saw a few movies. The first one we saw was The Greatest Showman, which is about the life of P.T. Barnum as told in the form of a musical. It was amazing. The songs and dancing were absolutely fantastic. The other movie we saw was The Shape of Water. While I liked the story line, there were definitely some scenes I could have done without. I don’t think some of the rated-R content was necessary to tell the story. I’d be fine seeing the edited-for-TV version of the film.

Speaking of theaters and performances, my school is working to put on the production of Shrek the Musical. I’m really looking forward to being in it, even though I don’t have a very large part. We actually have a lot of people helping out in the production. Musicals always need a lot (50+) of people in order to be performed. That’s not only the cast, but the running crew that changes scenes, the people working curtains, the crew working lights and sounds, and the orchestra or band. And it takes a lot of rehearsal, including special times for choreography and vocal work. We’re at the school almost every day for some kind of rehearsal.

That’s my March so far. The next holiday is Easter–one of my mom’s favorite holidays–and the spring equinox will be here soon (March 20). So I’ll hopefully have time to write another post this month, Otherwise, Happy Spring Holiday Season!

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  1. Happy spring holidays to you too! Miss you hoping to get up to see you soon even if only for 5 minutes. When is you play? Maybe we can get up to see it.
    Love Grandma Debbie & Neal!

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