Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Yesterday was P Day. I Painted and Played Pixiehollow.com. ( I didn’t say to never play video games.) I had a Peanut butter sandwich for lunch. For dinner, I ate Peas, Pasta, and Poultry. We  also made a Perfect Pudding from scratch. It was SOOOOOO good!!!!!  Then we watched “Beetlejuice” for a Paranormal Parody.

Today was Q day. The morning was Quiet. We had a Quick lunch at a fast food place. Then, we went to Michael’s for another craft and Bass Pro Shop for another seminar. I did ask and answer Questions at both of those. I also did a Quarter Quest to try to get more state quarters. I have 40 of the 50 states now! Connecticut is my favorite.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of a favorite breakfast treat. Doughnuts were created on June 22, 1847. I have to figure out how to work that into R day.

Here’s a joke: Which side of the Pudding is the left side?

The side that’s not eaten!

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