More on Steampunk

Steampunk’d is a GSN TV show where competitors have to create rooms in the style of steampunk. After each challenge, a room is filled with the winning team’s room and someone from the losing team is eliminated. This show is what first got me interested in steampunk (well, first had me realize I was interested in steampunk). I realized that Doctor Who has A LOT of steampunk elements.

What it steampunk, you ask? Steampunk started as a literary genre, but has entered other areas. Steampunk design has some typical elements, such as gears, metalwork and anachronistic inventions. But there are other parts to steampunk than just the look of it. Steampunk usually reuses and/or repurposes objects. An example would be turning an antique bird cage into a ceiling light (that’s actually not a bad idea, come to think about it, I should do that). Steampunk often uses looks and stuff from the 1870s to the 1930s, but it can be set in any time period. It has a lot of Victorian influences, but can borrow from other times. Steampunk is really a pretty flexible style.

We worked a little bit more on my room, and below are pictures of what we have added. The unicorn rack is done (I really like this one, but the birds from my last post are my favorite), but I think we might do more to the bench–not sure yet. We should have more pictures soon.

unicorn rack before


Steampunk unicorn


bench before


bench on way to steampunk

On the way to steampunk