National Milk Chocolate Day!!!

July 28 is┬áNational Milk Chocolate Day. To celebrate, my mom’s work held a bake sale for charity, and there were a LOT of chocolate creations. Our whole family LOVES chocolate, so we all got involved. My grandma made delicious chocolate-raspberry cookies. My grandpa and I made his family-famous fudge. It’s really good, and it melts in your mouth. My mom and I made chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes. I thought they were good, but my mom thought they were “gummy,” maybe because of the humidity. We brought our treats in to my mom’s work early Tuesday morning, and by lunch there were tons of cookies, cupcakes and other chocolate goodies, plus some yummy creations donated by a local French pastry school. We donated money so we could try some of everything. It was all really good.
chocolate1 chocolate2I think chocolate is really cool. You could do a lot with it. You can melt it, make cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and even mix it with milk to make drinking chocolate. You, of course, can also eat chocolate as chocolate (but I prefer to make chocolate foods with chocolate). Making drinking chocolate is easy. You have to melt chocolate chips in a microwave, then slowly add milk and heat it some more. I like to add spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to it once I’m almost done adding the milk. It’s basically making chocolate milk, but it tastes more chocolaty.

I also like to make chocolate pudding in the microwave and microwave cupcakes. There are tons of microwave cupcake recipes online. It’s nice to be able to make treats quickly without heating up the house. I can’t wait until the next chocolate holiday (maybe I can make up my own)!