Northwest Vacation: Part Four

rainbow at Shoshone FallsThe next day, we went to Twin Falls, Idaho, also know as Shoshone Falls. There were some neat waterfalls there, and we even saw a rainbow! The site of one of Evel Knievel’s jumps was also there, but the path to get there looked like a death trap, so we decided not to go there this time. It was close to lunch, so we headed off.


We had a lot of fun on vacation so far, but 20160618_120147when we went to the Idaho Potato Museum, we probably had some of the best food all vacation! We walked through the small museum and learned about potatoes and their 20160618_120431history. I even learned that there is a Potato God, which I thought was pretty neat. There are four categories of potatoes, too, including Red, Gold, Russet, and Fingerling. When we learned about the process potatoes go through before they are sold or consumed, it was a lot to look at. They’re picked, cleaned, stored, cleaned again, examined, “perfected,” examined again (bad ones are thrown out), peeled, boiled, cut, packaged, and then sent off to stores or french-fry places. They certainly go through a lot of work for the perfect potato!

potato chocolate milkAfter our walk through the museum and seeing some of the equipment they use, we stopped in at their Potato Cafe. We ate a chili baked potato, some southwestern fries, potato chocolate milk (yes that is a thing) and potato cupcakes. The chocolate milk was actually pretty good, considering it was something that sounded so bizarre! The cupcakes were good, too!

Waffle fries with southwest topping at the Potato Museum-yum!

Waffle fries with southwest topping at the Potato Museum-yum!

Stayed tuned for part five – North Dakota!