Northwest Vacation: Part Two

In part one of the Northwest Vacation, we went to Mt. Rushmore, Little Bighorn Battlefield, and fed prairie dogs. After the battlefield, we drove through Montana, Idaho and most of Washington. In Tacoma, we went to our hotel to rest up for the next day: Seattle, Washington!

A picture of the different sizes of grinds coffee can be.

Wednesday morning, we drove to Seattle and parked at Pike’s Place Market. We didn’t do anything there yet because my dad and I really wanted to get to the Starbucks Coffee 20160615_090738[1] Roastery. It was really cool, looking at all the tools they have to use to roast, store, grind, and blend the coffee beans to get the right type of taste. After we looked around, we got a pretzel bagel and a coffee. My dad and I both got an iced “No. 11” brew. It was amazing.

After getting our caffeine fix, we went back to Pike’s Place Market. We saw the famous fish tossers toss a hole bunch of fish, but I only got one on video.

We walked around a lot, looking at the interesting signs and stores and found an ocarina salesman. He makes ceramic ocarinas all the time, from tiny, one inch big 4-hole ocarinas to larger, 6-hole ocarinas. I got a 5-hole ocarina as well as two books on how to play it. Next we went to Honest Biscuits for food. I really liked the Sweet Potato Biscuit. It was delicious! We also went to a chocolate store in Pike’s Place Market, and later saw a steel drum player. We then went to some stores specifically for fans of almost ANY show, band, game, card game, or movie! I got a Doctor Who ID for the Tenth Doctor, or David Tennant’s Doctor. He’s my favorite.

After our walk around Pike’s Market, we went to the space needleSpace Needle. space needleMy mom and I went up the Space Needle and got an amazing view of Seattle. We could even see our car! Later in the day, after some driving north, we did a whale watching tour and saw two orca whales a bunch of times. They aren’t technically whales, as we learned on the boat. They’re actually the largest member of the dolphin family. They didn’t breach at all, but they did surface so more than their dorsal fin was showing several times. We got back to the hotel late, but it was worth it to see the sunset on the boat.

Orca sightingP1050350

We got back to the hotel late, but it was worth it to see the sunset on the boat. Stay tuned for part three about Ye Old Curiosity Shop and Oregon.