Our Alphabet Weekend

Capannari Ice CreamWe had a very eventful Memorial Day Weekend. On Sunday, we met my Grandma Debbie and her husband, Neal, at Barnaby’s, which is a pizza place. Then we went to Capannari Ice Cream, where I had Chocolate Malt Ice Cream. It was really good. Since we had a B and a C, we decided to continue the alphabet (for “A,” we figured we awoke).

Dam No. 1 Woods

gosslingsFor D, we went to Dam No.1 Woods, the west part. Then we went to the east side of the forest preserve to look at the goslings. Then we went to Half-Price Books, a store where I got another Doctor Who Encyclopedia. Then we did iced drinks. I had iced coffee that was AWESOME! We kind of cheated and didn’t really do anything for J, K, and L since our names start with those letters (Jerry, Kendyl, Lisa). After that we watched Sherlock Holmes, a mystery movie. For “n,” we said, “‘Night.”

On Monday morning, we ate chocolaty oatmeal. We walked in the Memorial Day Parade. We ate quesadillas while it rained (it rained on the parade, too). We made ice cream-y sodas. My parents tormented me by playing Tiptoe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim with a ukulele. The reason it tormented me was that kids at school sing it NONSTOP and in a very high Mickey Mouse voice. It gets very annoying, being that they only know half of a verse, and they repeat that part over and over.

Capannari Ice Cream

We looked around at Victorian houses in Waukegan. Then we did xylopyrography, which means wood burning. I made a project for my boyfriend, Louis. Then, we played Yahtzee, where I surprisingly won with 3 Yahtzees. I had never played it before, so it must have been beginner’s luck. Finally, we went to bed to catch some Z‘s.

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