Outstanding O’s

Yesterday was O Day. We had Cheerios for breakfast and Spaghetti-O’s for dinner. We had to Organize school stuff and our rooms. Meep. I Observed what happened to my rosemary and mint tea.  We went to Michael’s and I made an O-shaped stingray. Then we went to Bass Pro Shops and learned about Outdoor animals and camping. I think we may have watched “Perry Mason” Object to some things, too. In the evening, we went to the beach and saw an Outdoor concert by a band that my grandma plays flute in. The band reminded me of the Opera band. It was a fun and Outstanding day!


  • 6 leaves fresh rosemary
  • 1 fresh spearmint leaf
  • a mug ¾ of the way full of  hot water
  • a tea infuser(looks like a teapot with holes)
  • an 8th of a tsp honey(maybe less)

Did you Know: Spearmint leaves smell like spearmint gum?