R&R (Rest and Relaxation) Day

Yesterday was R day. I Rotated in our spinny chair. We ate doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. Yesterday was the anniversary of when Doughnuts were invented in 1847. My mom did a guessing game with me to fit doughnuts into R. I figured they were Round. I Raced our cat, Zip, with our toy Remote control Race car from 30 years ago.

I also pretended to be a flying squirrel. This has nothing to do with R but it’s a LOT of fun.

To be a flying squirrel, you need:

  • a blanket
  • 4 ponytail holders
  • A fan

Tie the blanket corners to the ponytail holders. Put the rubber bands on your wrists and ankles. Turn on the fan and stand in front of it. Your wings go out and you look like a flying squirrel!

Joke of the day: What is a pirate’s favorite word?
R (argh)!

What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?
You’d think it’d be R, but it’s really the C (as in the seven seas)!