Steampunk Update

old-bookcaseWe finished some more work on my room. We redid the bookcases by painting them black. They stand out better now against the walls.







We also painted some gears above the picture rail molding. We did it in a couple of steps so they look more like they’re in-depth or 3-D. It kind of reminds me of the beginning to Doctor Who, where they have all these gears and clock faces swirling. This Doctor is more steampunk than the other ones–well, it has more steampunk aspects than the others. One is a character called “Missy,” who’s kind of the Doctor’s frenemy. She’s a really long story, but she uses different gadgets that she made by taking other stuff apart (or blowing stuff up to use the parts on the inside). She’s one of my favorite characters in the show.


One thought on “Steampunk Update

  1. Funny you should send an update today because just yesterday I was trying to think of what this is called. It was driving me CRAZY because I couldn’t think of the name of it! Now I can FINALLY relax. Steampunk, steampunk, I need to say it over and over again so I don’t forget! I think it’s really cool! Can’t wait to see your room when I come up next week! You are so creative!

    Grandma D.

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