The Kitten Project

On September 3rd, we brought home two feral kittens! One is Rory Williams Woods, named after a character in Doctor Who, and the other is Oswin Oswald Woods, named after another character in Doctor Who. Their sister was taken home by my grandparents, and her name is Skittles.


This is Rory when we got him.

This is Oswin, on top of his brother.

This is Oswin, on top of his brother.

These two sure were a handful. On the first day, they did not trust us and kept running away from us. Oswin even got under the couch in the room several times! They wouldn’t eat when we were around, so we left them alone. They started to eat later that night.


This is Zip, outside the door where the kittens are. He looks a lot like Oswin.

The next day we fed them again, but they still didn’t like us too much. We decided to introduce our older cat, Zip, to the kittens since he had been hanging outside the door since we got them. He didn’t like Rory too much and hissed at him, but Rory didn’t retaliate, which was good. He just meowed at Oswin.

They have started to warm up to us more. We gave them catnip a few days later, and they mellowed out even more. Oswin got under the couch a lot, and Rory started to follow, so we moved the couch so we could get them out easier.


Zip is inside the box, and Oswin is trying to play with him.

Rory doesn’t run as much from us since the catnip. He greets me at the door because I am their food-bringer (they run from me unless i have food or have brought some recently; so far I have been food-zoned). Oswin is okay with us, but he still runs to his bed sometimes. We’ve had Zip come in almost every day now, and Oswin really likes him. He nuzzles Zip’s chin every time he sees him.

The kittens are growing every day, including their claws. Hopefully we can learn how to trim their claws soon!

Tips for Kittens:

  • Give them space, but make sure they are okay with you. Stay in the room for a little bit and play with them; give them food/water when you are with them. Once they seem tired or bored with you, leave them alone so they can rest.
  • If you have other pets, gradually introduce them. Use a baby gate so the kittens and other pet(s) can see/smell each other and none of them hurt each other. As they start to get okay with each other, then you can have them in the same room.
    • Also check out your kittens and other pets to make sure they don’t have anything contagious. Until you get them checked out, don’t let your other pet(s) use their litter pan or eat/drink their food/water.
  • Make sure the room you have them in is safe. Make sure they can’t escape through an open door or window (they can jump pretty high) and that they won’t get stuck anywhere. Kitten-proof the area(s) they will be in.
  • Claw-trimming should be done safely in about 1-2 week intervals, depending on how fast their claws grow. You can ask your veterinarian how to do it.

More updates on the kittens will be coming later!