The Spring Springfield Field Trip

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted much, I’ve been busy with LOTS of school stuff, including a trip to Springfield, Illinois, a few weeks ago. It was fun, and I learned some new things about the area.

For starters, we got up really early so I could catch the bus. My friends and I sat together (it was funny because we were all Pisces in one section of the bus) and took pictures out the windows on the 4-hour drive. We had a break, but then it was straight back to the bus. A few people dozed off, but they didn’t stay asleep for long. We had reached our first destination!

As we walked up to the New State Capital Building, it looked very regal. P1000876We felt like we were walking into a castle in some ways. The inside was shiny and a lot of it was marble. We went up four flights of stairs at the start of the building, but it was worth it. P1000895There are two different rooms that are almost identical, but they are used for voting in the state capital. As we walked the halls, we could look up at the dome. It was beyond words!

We went outside and I took some pictures with my friends. After the teachers took a group shot, we headed back to the bus where we started for the Old State Capital Building. It was a smaller, and of course older, version of where we had just been. Although it wasn’t as large, it still was very neat. We went into the room where Abraham Lincoln had sat when he voted for senators and representatives. It was also the same room that his coffin and body were kept in on the last day it was visible to people.

At our next place to visit, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, we went through a long walking tour. It led from a replica of the Lincoln’s one-room cabin all the way to a mini-movie. The mini-movie at first looked like a man telling us all about artifacts, but it soon turned into a history with a slight ghost-story twist. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but let’s just say it left a majority of the group in awe at the ghost.

We had lunch after the ghost story, and one of my friend made friends with a squirrel. After we ate, we headed to the Governor’s Mansion. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures inside, but it had a lot of cool china and furniture. When we went outside, we met the governor’s dog, Stella. P1000954She licked my hand before becoming swarmed with kids petting her. After hanging out around the flowers and bugs for a bit, the teachers let us go back to the bus.

Next, we went to the Lincoln family tomb.P1000960 I had read about the Lincoln tomb in a bP1000977ook about the Lincoln grave robbers for a  summer report, and I had also watched a story on it on Mysteries at the Museum. It was very cool to be at his grave; no matter how weird that sounded, it was fun.

Our next stop was a memorial for a lot of wars that have happened, including World Wars I and II, the Vietnam  P1000981 P1000985War, and the Korean War. At the Vietnam War Memorial, there is an everlasting flame that they keep lit to show the determination of the warriors in that war. My friend found the name ofP1000991 her relative at that memorial, too!

We went to our hotel for a bit, for about an hour so we could eat dinner, and then we left for the shopping mall. Almost everyone stopped in at the glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, and we all glowed. I was wearing a white top so I looked like I fell into toxic ooze! We headed back to the hotel after waiting around, getting slightly lost, and walking in circles. The teachers told us to get into our pajamas, and then called us down for a pizza party. Why they had us eat dinner, go to a mall, get into our PJs, and then have a nine o’clock pizza party is beyond me, especially since we had already eaten! My roommates and I had a lot of fun. We made each other look like clowns with makeup, had a pillow fight, and watched some anime (two of them are HUGE anime fans), a Japanese style cartoon, and then attempted to fall asleep. I was the only one to fall asleep at midnight, the others fell asleep at three or four in the morning. We got up at four-forty-five so we could be ready for the breakfast call at six. My friends looked like zombies because they were so sleep deprived!

We headed to a small village called New Salem. We P1010033watched a video on Abraham Lincoln’s history there. A boy fell asleep behind me because he and his roommates were up all night (he was aP1010054lso in the neighboring room at the hotel, so I think we kept them up a bit). P1010014It was a pretty informational video, but I had the most fun running around the village and taking pictures. The village only had some staff workers, so running around was okayP1010006 as long as we didn’t trash anything. My friends caught up to me and we P1010027ran-walked the rest of the area, all the way to a bridge. We had about thirty minutes left after making it to the bridge, but we were tired so we P1010078walked back (until I mentioned that there P1010067was ice cream in the gift shop). We ran so we would have enough time to enjoy the sweet treat, and ended up inspiring everyone else to get swirl ice cream. It was delicious.

Then we went to the Lincoln Home, our final stop on our trip. It was somewhat small, especially for having so many people living there, let alone guests that would come over. The Lincolns were hosts to 200 people at some parties, and they could all fit in two tiny rooms! Also at this stop, there was a small house that we went into that was used by some of Lincoln’s associates. It had some artifacts that had been found in the area, but it wasn’t anything much.

On the bus trip home, it was fairly uneventful. We all talked on the way home, about how much fun it was. A few of us also talked about how we would survive the next day, where we had a Destination Imagination competition! But that’s a different story…

This was a very fun field trip with my school. I can’t wait to see what next year’s is!