Trick or Treating: Halloween!

My "chicken with its head cut off" costumeSunday I had trick or treating in my neighborhood. I dressed up as a chicken with its head cut off. “Why?” you ask. On a trip to Iowa, my mom was telling my great grandmother about how she would cover my eyes during the older-ish Willy Wonka scene when they’re on the boat and there’s a clip of a chicken getting its head cut off. My grandmother said that she used to actually cut the heads off of the chickens! (I guess that’s part of living on a farm.) They also explained what it meant to “run around like a chicken with your head cut off,” and I thought that would be a really cool costume. (And chickens really do run around after their heads are cut off! That’s soooooo creepy!)

When I went trick or treating, I had my mom and dad take shifts where one would dress up as the farmer, carry a pretend axe, and trick or treat with me. We got a lot of compliments. A little girl that was about 2 or 3 kept looking back at me because she really thought I had no head. It was funny.


  • Why did the ghost cross the road? To get to “THE OTHER SIDE”, of course!
  • Where do vampires like to help out? At the blood donation center.
  • Who is the monters’ lock maker? The town’s Warlock.
  • What did the billy goat say under the bridge? I only went for a nice troll.


I have a Halloween riddle for you! Please answer it in a comment:

  • Take the boy’s name from ____ & Jill. (Starts with a J)
  • What do you say when you’re surprised? (__ my gosh!)
  • What is an object that you light in order to see? (Hint: Not a flashlight. It has a candle)
  • Here is a clue: We carve gourds to make these.

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