Veggies and Water

On V Day, we had Vegetarian meals. Since we had done so much for S,T and U, we sort of Vegged out.

On W Day, I got Wet in our sprinkler because it was sooooooooooo Warm. I also made this cool Wave picture:

Wave Jumping picture

Wave jumping mermaids

We Went to my grandma’s because it was her birthday. We Watched “Gremlins” there, too. Very funny movie.  Gizmo is the main character. He’s a Mogwai. He got Wet and multiplied. Then, all of the Mogwai but Gizmo turned into evil gremlins by eating after midnight. Gizmo saves the day by ending the chaos. Mogwai are furry and cute, but:

  1. Never get wet.
  2. Don’t expose to light, they hate it(especially sunlight, kills them).
  3. Never, ever, EVER, feed after midnight. They turn into evil gremlins! No matter how much they beg, check your clock, then check after 5 minutes. If hands do not move, do not feed gremlin(s).

But if gremlins are real, they might be the monster under your bed or in your closet.