Words and Letters

Last week, we had our school spelling bee. I can’t believe how many different words there are! It’s really hard to remember all of them. Sure, there are all sorts of memory techniques, but one way to remember is to create an image of the word in your mind. For example, when I hear “herbivore,” I think of a plant, which makes me think of an herb. To remember the second “c” in crescent, my mom reminded me that that’s the shape of a crescent moon.

Artsy Words and Letters

Besides using images to help remember how to spell a word, you can use words for art. What I mean by “artsy words and letters” is basically writing a word or letter and incorporating an image/design into it, such as an animal or a plant, or the other way around: taking a scene and hiding words in it.

Artsy Letters

In art class at school, we’re working on illuminated letters, which are basically letters decorated with drawings, painting and other stuff. Illuminated letters originated in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Illuminated-KI picked the letter “L”  and drew it with a snake wrapped around it, a flower in the 90 degree angle part, and a crescent moon in the upper right corner. Plus…….. a HUGE eye, right-smack-dab in the middle of the drawing. That’s  my example of an “artsy letter.” At home, I did an “artsy” K in aluminum foil.

Artsy Words

If there are “artsy letters,” there must be “artsy words,” right? What I mean by that is creating letters with drawings and putting those letters into words.

When I visited New Orleans, LA, we went to this little marketplace-like area. We met this man that was doing peoples’ names as art. It was sooooo cool! We asked him if he could do my name, and 10-15 minutes later, he had finished his beautiful artwork. He made my name full of rainbows, water, butterflies, a palm tree, and part of one letter was even a guitar! It was like he new everything I liked. Anyway, that’s an “artsy word” in my opinion.